My name is Theresa.

I am the product of my genetics, my environment and my thoughts.  Yes, I am a blonde, natural blonde.

I am a survivor of relationship abuse.  Although encouraged by others, I have not brought myself to writing in detail about my life altering experience.  I feel that I am past the violence and the many years of unhappiness prior, and I have worked through PTSD symptoms.  I have told and retold the story, the dark history, the struggles, the sequence of events to police officers, mental health professionals, lawyers, juries, family and friends.

Almost thirteen years later, I recount the event with an expression of absurdity because I continue to learn additional information about my ex-spouse. The absurdity of the circumstances and my foolish trust make me angry.  I have chosen to channel my anger into strength, strength to fight a just battle and to carry on.


Sword Memorial Chamber Peace Tower

I choose to carry on within an optimistic light, with vigilance as one of my guides.  I also have embraced my enduring sense of humour through observations of lifestyles while working full-time and volunteering with organizations that educate and nurture the love of reading.

In 2011 and under a pen name, I published a bittersweet novel through Smashwords titled The Year of the Rabbit; it’s a novel about Fate, Family and Forgiveness.  It contains many themes like family, teenage pregnancy and belief systems.

Thank you for dropping by.


Updated August 1, 2016


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