When will I dine in a restaurant again?


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I miss those monthly gatherings with friends in one of our favourite restaurants, whether in small groups or as a one-on-one birthday lunch celebration.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been cooking at home, preparing meals for family or just eating by myself while the cat looks on.

I doubt I will visit a restaurant until this pandemic has passed and we have a vaccine. I feel for the many people in food services affected by restaurant closures and losing their income, but I also have no desire to order for delivery, even from my favourite pizza joint. It’s not worth the risk of transmission.

How about you? What are your thoughts about restaurant dining or ordering take out again?

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Presenting a blog entry from another realm and era, a tale about dining out with friends, tolerating sub-par service, and a reminder of the importance to be kind.

Toxic beauty


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I watched this documentary on CBC TV the other night. It scared the sh*t out of me.

I’m not a extensive cosmetics user so I allow myself some relief that I may not be exposed to a lot of the harmful substances.

The cosmetics industry is the new tobacco, the new sugar – filled with lies and dark advertising to tell us how to look beautiful, how they sell things using made-up and air-brushed models.

I’ll have none of it and I struggle in resisting judgement of friends and colleagues who are obviously slaves to this deception.

Being a natural blonde with a peaches and cream complexion, I feel smug that I don’t have to submit myself to all those toxins just to look “beautiful”. I’m also older now, becoming more comfortable in my skin and frankly, don’t give a rat’s ass.

What is beauty anyway?

Surviving the last three months of this pandemic in isolation, I have less need for mascara, lipstick and deodorant (it’s just me and the cat in the home office these days).

I HAVE taken to other harmful habits like drinking homemade rum punches on the weekends and sitting in the sun for longer than recommended now that the weather is nice – on my balcony. I also don’t wear sunscreen. I’m a rebel.

Thanks for dropping by. What are you doing to lessen your exposure to harmful toxins these days?

Stay well. Stay safe.


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It’s the weekend. At least I think it is.

It’s a good thing I write these things down, making short lists of tasks for each day on scraps of paper.

I was moving slowly this morning, emerging from the fog and deep in thought. Like many of you, I was wondering when this pandemic would pass and we could spend time closer with family and friends again, when we could do a stress-free trip to the grocery store, and when we could go back to the workplace.

I was feeling thankful for the opportunity to work from the home office these past ten weeks and not have to wait for – nor venture onto – crowded buses in to the city.

What could describe this feeling about something that will not last long? Itching to express, I sought out my Buddha Board

Buddha Board Impermanence


It demanded patience to stand in the same spot and take a picture every few minutes as the water evaporated off the drawing surface.

I present to you a time-lapsed photo project called “Impermanence”.

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Thanks for dropping by. Stay well. Stay safe. This too shall pass.