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It’s the weekend. At least I think it is.

It’s a good thing I write these things down, making short lists of tasks for each day on scraps of paper.

I was moving slowly this morning, emerging from the fog and deep in thought. Like many of you, I was wondering when this pandemic would pass and we could spend time closer with family and friends again, when we could do a stress-free trip to the grocery store, and when we could go back to the workplace.

I was feeling thankful for the opportunity to work from the home office these past ten weeks and not have to wait for – nor venture onto – crowded buses in to the city.

What could describe this feeling about something that will not last long? Itching to express, I sought out my Buddha Board

Buddha Board Impermanence


It demanded patience to stand in the same spot and take a picture every few minutes as the water evaporated off the drawing surface.

I present to you a time-lapsed photo project called “Impermanence”.

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Thanks for dropping by. Stay well. Stay safe. This too shall pass.


Spring vacation 2020


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It’s not like I was planning on traveling far during this long-anticipated vacation.

I wasn’t planning on flying anywhere, not even taking a train. I am usually satisfied with doing things around town like lunching with friends, visiting art galleries, museums and local parks.

Oh… shit.

We can’t do any of that anymore except through video conferencing platforms, virtual gallery tours and… walking through parks without stopping to smell the flowers or sit on a bench. Geesh!

I am disappointed that the COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled a visit from one of my sisters. Mellowing out on Friday, I made my list of vacation week activities, many  which can be accomplished while isolated at home. I even separated activities into “Fun and Creative” and “Responsible and Healthy”.

written list of thing to do during pandemic vacation

Spring vacation 2020 list of planned activities

I make efforts to write in my wellness journal and my diary, recording how I am feeling, what I have been doing to cope, who I have been communicating with, and any deeper thoughts. Apparently, this activity is encouraged by historians and psychologists.

I already got in a bit of writing on the blog where the Tabby Cat rules, encouraging others with poetic tendencies to contribute too.

So…What are you doing for your spring vacation?

Thanks for stopping by. Stay home. Stay safe. Get outdoors while doing that physical distancing thing. Take care of yourself and each other.



Six weeks into the pandemic lock-down


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It has been one month since my last blog entry. 

The days and weeks blend together like a blur while in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s my status update:

  • Still alive and in relatively good health (physically and mentally);
  • Still performing remote IT support work and getting paid;
  • Got my bedroom back after one offspring decided to return to his rental;
  • I am thankful for the remaining offspring who is good company, a big help with getting groceries and doing other chores;
  • Cooking a lot of hearty meals to share and use for plan-overs;
  • Spending more time on the phone, chatting with family and friends;
  • Handed in my final exam for one part-time college course (essay questions – yuck);
  • I trimmed my own bangs.

As a Canadian, I am proud of and I trust the efforts made by our Governments and public health advisors in keeping us updated on the pandemic issue. Politicians at all levels seem to be putting aside their partisanship and are working together to battle this common enemy.

I am in no rush to return to the buses, the office, restaurants, coffee bars and beauty salons.

little blonde jots words of wisdom - introvert during pandemic

Little Blonde Jots – Words of Wisdom

If you appreciate shorter bursts of observational wisdom, you might like the Little Blonde Jots photo series.

Suggestions / words of wisdom: 

  • This is bigger than all of us and our problems in comparison. As we manage our own anxieties, we need to keep things in perspective;
  • Keep in contact with family and friends (Ring, ring: Canadians are calling each other a lot more during COVID-19 pandemic, telecoms say –;
  • Don’t watch the news too often – especially press briefings with the big mouth to the south! As incredibly stupid as it is, don’t expose your sensibilities to his rants.
  • Get fresh air, move your body and.. wash your hands.

See you in another month.

Thanks for dropping by. Take care of yourself and each other.