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You know how it is.  You sort through boxes of clothing, pulling out the warmer, long-sleeved tops and corduroy pants.

tabby cat lounging in clothes closetYou look at outfits that you haven’t worn for over two years but you keep transferring them each season.  Although you don’t follow many trends, you figure that some are just not stylish any more.

You notice that some have suffered shrinkage after being pushed to one side of the closet or placed in that under-the-bed box. It’s an unexplained phenomenon.

They go to a bag for the local charity delivery.  There!  That feels better.

At least with the cooler temperatures of approaching autumn and (gasp!) winter, those pretty young women with firm, tanned limbs will have to cover up.  Rejoice, middle-aged women.  You regain an advantage by sharing your experience and wisdom in conversations with eligible men.  Although at this stage of life, you still need those sleeveless tops to cope with the occasional hot flash.

The Opinionated Tabby Cat is encouraging me to get some retail therapy.  I shall comply, discount coupons in hand and stored up with the energy required for sweaty changing room disappointments.

Thanks for dropping by.  I hope your wardrobe upgrade quests are successful.