I need new socks – big, warm socks to wear in my little boots. Still can’t locate my big winter boots.

I wonder if there are socks with patterns / pictures of cheese?


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The poor, unassuming sock has long been a victim of its own understated functionality. Despite providing warmth to countless feet and being an integral part of any ensemble, it’s a perennial staple of “worst gift” lists — the sartorial equivalent of a big, fat lump of coal.

But the tides are turning for our much-maligned cotton friend. After decades of exile in the stingy back aisles of department stores, the sock is having a moment — especially for men. The socks of 2014 are more than an afterthought; they’re bright, vibrant and full of personality. They’re fashion statements unto themselves, flashing paisley and polka dots from that scant space between trouser and shoe like some sort of Morse code for the style savvy.

Jared March, owner of online boutique Socking Behaviour, reports a 500% increase in sales this November compared to last year: “It’s been phenomenal.” Adds Edward Nagy, co-founder…

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