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Do you cringe when people say they’re going on “a cleanse”? 

And when did it become a noun?

One dictionary reference defines the verb cleanse “to rid (a person, place or thing) of something seen as unpleasant, unwanted, or defiling.”

During a whirlwind weekend of cooking, laundry and other domestic duties, I also performed some volunteer work and Feng Shui’d my bedroom.  With help from one of the young folk, I moved furniture around then I swept, dusted and sorted through boxes.

Is it okay to call those clumps under furniture “dust bunnies” if they consist mostly of cat fur? 

According to the Year of the Sheep workshop instructor, I needed to move my bed back to an “auspicious direction” with my head facing East.  Last year it was West.  That’s okay.  Some change is good.  I’m willing to explore a 5,000 year-old tradition about balancing energy and maintaining harmony in one’s space and lifestyle.

I’m also on a two-month “cleanse” to re-assess the need for boxes of books and other things I’ve kept, clothes shrinking in my closet and unnecessary thoughts cluttering my mind.

tabby cat in closet

Tabby cat in my closet

My little writing desk will stay in the same spot. Some things don’t need to change –  mostly for practical and sentimental reasons.

desk and books

Thanks for dropping by. Permit me to lead you to The Year of the Rabbit domain for a sampling of my fiction writing. If you decide to purchase a copy of the novel, it won’t collect dust.