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Whew! I survived.

This week I attended the final class for the second course in the Spring 2018 semester at our local college.

In addition to obtaining my final grade from the instructor, I enjoyed conversations with classmates and a potluck supper abundant with food from different cultures. I was stuffed! It was interesting to learn more about the backgrounds of my classmates plus hear what they planned for the next steps in their education journey.

Aside from the stinky summer humidity, the stress from too many obligations and frustrating rush hour bus commutes, I enjoyed this back-to-school experience.

I enjoy acquiring knowledge and meeting new people. I was proud that I kept on the path for my five-year plan. 

The occasional smell of nicotine and pot smoke reminded me of high school. One floundering, talkative classmate claimed that his Cannabis use was for medicinal purposes. Okay… who am I to judge? The times they are a changing… 

My clear-minded final grades for the two courses are 91.5% and 89%. Not bad, eh? I look forward to taking just one course in the next semester. I think it’s all I can handle right now.

Thanks for dropping by.


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