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As a real life survivor, parent, attentive friend and writing group member, I agree with the statement that everyone has a story.

I have met people who have a story or two – or more – to share.  Some offer real life accounts and cautionary tales.

Some offer works of fiction whose characters have sprung from their imaginations and forced the writers to give them life upon the page.

pen and paper

Some writing friends have far-out story ideas that extend beyond the galaxy.  Other friends have shared down-to-earth stories or similar real-life struggles as I. Some have written about them either as self-help books, blogs or as works of fiction containing different places and names. More cautionary tales.

Many people have interesting lives during which they have survived setbacks not within their control or conquered addictions and personal demons.

I admire those with the courage to put pen to paper, to open their journals and hearts to a trusted few. At least twice a year they bravely and willingly deliver a six-minute reading in front of their peers.

My local writing group is Ottawa Independent Writers.  That’s in Canada, eh? One does not have to be a published author or literary snob to join.  One merely needs to have an interest in writing and would like to connect with others in our community.

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