Distracted and considering the long term influence of this decision, how it can feel so close to home.

Feeling anger at reports of barbaric, misogynistic acts by dark forces purporting to represent a belief system of Peace. Canada is sending our people into a hornet’s nest with factions fighting within factions. Keep our people off the ground in this mission to fight the good fight, to support a “just battle”.

My heart, my thoughts, my nonbeliever prayers go out to the ordinary citizens, the women and children caught in the middle.

National Post | News

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a combat mission against ISIS for Canada in Iraq on Friday. Here are 10 things you need to know:

1. Mr. Harper says Canada’s military will “significantly degrade” the capabilities of the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham. Experts say air attacks will help prevent ISIS forces from massing for attacks on the Iraqi army and Kurdish troops. John Allen, the retired U.S. general co-ordinating the international campaign against the terror group, has suggested ISIS will be defeated when the Iraqi tribes supporting it turn against it.

2. Under the government motion to be debated Monday, MPs are asked to support the government’s decision “to contribute Canadian military assets to the fight against ISIL, and terrorists allied with ISIL, including air strike capability for a period of up to six months.” The motion also says Canada “will not deploy troops in ground combat operations.”

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