The rain held off as the respectful crowd shared sorrow and support for the soldiers struck down on home soil, for their families and comrades.

It was moving to see members of the Canadian Association of Veterans in UN Peacekeeping (CAVUNP) who gathered to remember their recently fallen comrades.

We sang the national anthem. One can be patriotic in sharing the values of compassion and exercising an honourable military strength.


Ottawa Citizen

A crowd of hundreds gathered at the National War Memorial for a candlelight vigil Saturday night, just three days after a lone gunman killed an honour guard at the same spot before storming Parliament Hill.

They stood first in silence and many wiped away tears as they stared out at the thousands of flowers that have been left since police turned over what was a crime scene. Each individually plastic wrapped bouquet was part of the giant wreath that encircled the place where 24-year-old Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was gunned down Wednesday morning,

An organizer asked for any veterans to come forward. A handful of highly decorated air force veterans made their way through as the large crowd clapped for them. A moment of silence was followed by a group rendition of the national anthem.

A little girl started to recite the Lord’s Prayer as two Sikh boys helped hold a large…

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