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I have been introduced to some interesting and extraordinary women over the past couple of months.

Our French conversation group consists of many artistic and philanthropic women who wish to expand their French language skills. Some want to improve due to Federal Government job security (a-hem) requirements.  Some wish to communicate better with in-laws, grandchildren and other relatives.  I am familiar with the latter.

I enjoy our weekly gatherings – mais Mon Dieu! – one is lucky to get in a few words if the “taking turns” concept is followed.  The discussions eventually detour down the road of culinary delights.  à chacun son goût

This week’s session skirted around religion, mutated bible interpretations, and language politics.  Thank goodness one member jumped the queue (and my turn to share) in order to change the subject, to describe an extraordinary woman named Anita Moorjani.  Anita is a former cancer patient and near-death survivor.  She came out of her coma with some very wise words based on simple advice.


Another inspiring survivor is Allison Woyiwada, co-author and subject of the book “Allison’s Brain“.  It was her love of music that brought Allison out of her muddled world.


I can relate to what happens to people who encounter near-death experiences, and the wisdom, the lessons they share after resurfacing.  

Sometimes we get bogged down in the day-to-day survival, raising a family and making ends meet over the years that we forget some of that simple advice.

Sometimes it takes one or two extraordinary individuals to make us marvel at the ability of our bodies and minds to overcome hurdles, to beat the odds and embrace a new love for life.

I think that if you are able to create new life and nurture it successfully, you’re pretty damned amazing.  If you are able to create art work, things of beauty, you’re pretty awesome too.

Who is your inspiration?  Qui est votre source d’inspiration ?