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We have not yet entered mid-winter in the northern hemisphere and I’m already me-deep in thought.

It’s a combination of effects from the winter blahs and the desire for self-preservation. 

Winter Forest Rabbit ballpoint pen drawing

Winter Forest Rabbit ballpoint pen drawing TAJ circa 1984

I enjoyed many small gatherings over the Christmas holidays. The colourful lights, good food and companionship helped brighten the drabness. This past week has brought us much snow, packed into a very short time span.

My playful poetic plea may be to blame.

I like to think that writing can support one’s goals and dreams, help calm irrational fears while providing a form of therapy. Sometimes you wish you could write harmful influences and memories out of existence, then compose works that inspire and help reunite you with others.

Those in the know are familiar with our family’s history, the struggles due to one disturbed individual. I am very thankful for past and recent support from family, friends and protective agencies. I am curious about the deafening silence from others. 

This winter break has also provided opportunities to putter around le petit apartment when venturing outdoors is not an option – nor a necessity 🙂 

black cat looking out window comic bubble i'm bored

The cats are bored

The cats are starting to get cabin fever, not being able to visit the balcony. At least they can watch the critters from inside the windows.

These furry roommates have provided me with comfort and welcomed distractions over the years through photography and comic bubble inserts while being unwitting channels for my quirky sense of humour.

Black cat beside Egyptian tree of life print with birds

Snuggles and the Tree of Life print (2012)

I really like my Tree of Life print on Egyptian papyrus. The Tree of Life is a symbol that has come up frequently over the years. It is present in my novel, was the title of an odd, artsy movie in 2011, and has been recorded in different mythologies for thousands of years.

Tree of Life Egyptian print

Tree of Life Egyptian print

I am intrigued by the Egyptian Tree of Life myth and the explanations for the illustration with birds perched on branches, representing different stages of human life.

Spreading my wings and chirping politely, I celebrate new life and the milestones shared with family and friends. I welcome the promise this new year brings. I admire how some Parisians chose to celebrate the new year’s arrival in defiance of fears, and without the unnecessary explosions from fireworks.

To sum up: One can be vigilant while not letting fears sour the enjoyment of life. 

I am in the middle of being alive artistic play on words

I am in the middle of being alive  TAJ

Thanks for dropping by and… Happy New Year!