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Can Canada heal itself from within while strengthening its international leadership role? 

I was pleased and proud to see our Minister of Foreign Affairs and Federal Government take a stand about world leadership and show support for the Paris climate treaty.

We are a welcoming people to immigration of political and religious refugees. Our constitution protects religious freedom. Our nation though seems to be struggling with appropriate ways to support healing of the Indigenous people in forms of reconciliation.

I am surprised and ashamed that different levels of government are not recognizing Indigenous spirituality with the respect and attention it deserves. I am in disbelief that a condo developer has been allowed to slither in to make offers and divide the very people that could benefit from restoring a sacred site in the middle of our nation’s capital. Read this analogous story describing the history and present challenges. Read about the vision of a spiritual elder.

Why offer an abandoned US Embassy building without wide consultation? Why not summon the political will and heart to lead in an opportunity for healing?

As a mother, settler descendant and citizen, I once again feel compelled to show my support for restoring the sacred site in the Ottawa River. I will take a day off from my professional role to walk with hundreds of others from an island at the site, to begin a peaceful march up to Parliament Hill.

You can too. Let your god or spirits call to us as the right thing to do.

#Canada150 #Reconcilation #Healing #Leadership

Thank you.