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Canadian winters…  You adapt to the season or you escape to warmer climates.

For those of us who are not beach lovers or sun worshipers, we choose to stay and make the best of it. Sometime after January 31st, we start complaining.

bus shelter surrounded by snow

Public Transportation experience

We pop our Vitamin C, D and Omega-3 and absorb the glow from the DayLight lamp while we curse the inconveniences of the season. We get in gentle exercise, cautious walks outdoors, small social gatherings then retreat indoors for quiet activities.

As someone who appreciates the quiet and calm of my humble abode, I make efforts to refresh my living space and head space by performing winter housecleaning and preparation for the Lunar New Year. It’s a valid excuse to add ceremony to housework, to make it fun and hopeful.

Of course, when you share living space with cats, you adjust the placement of items to maintain harmony in your home.

cats hiding in play structure

Cats avoiding the cleaning staff

One way I refresh my head space is learning new things, doodling, listening to uplifting music and reading. When you’re a bus mouse, you can get in some good reading time – if you can find a good seat for the long workday commutes.

Photo of I Ching Handbook

I Ching Handbook

So as we navigate through and negotiate with Winter, we can remind ourselves that it will soon lead to Spring.

There is hope.

Photo of life cycles banner

Thanks for reading along! How do you survive Winter in your neck of the worldly woods?