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While passing by an urban park in Ottawa recently, I noticed something I loved had been taken away. 

One of my favourite spots for work day wanderings and pondering had been painted over.

park bench painted

Favourite Bench at Dundonald Park with new art

The new art work looked like bare tree limbs against a multicolored sunset. Either that or some artistic feather design.

I noticed a few other benches had been painted over too.

park benches painted

Dundonald park benches painted anew

It had been a while since I took a lunchtime walk up here but this change must have occurred just this autumn. I am sure I will eventually find out why someone did this but I’m still processing, reeling from the change to favourite park bench’s art. I had become fond of the previous artwork and what it represented to me as I approached a wonderful new discovery in 2015 and rekindled relationships.

park bench painted spring

Dundonald Park bench 2015

It will take me a while to accept the new design. But … as in my professional and personal life, I have learned to adapt to change, to accept the changes that are beyond my control.

At least my two favourite trees have not changed – except for losing their leaves again in preparation for winter’s sleep.

Two tree tops touching

Two tree tops touching Nov 10 2017

I was consoled and delighted to see something new – a little book lending library.

lending library book box

Lending library box

It was a sign of sharing and trust in this eclectic downtown park. I hope it survives the winter and disturbing elements that sometimes occupy the area.

Thanks for dropping by.