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It was an extended Thanksgiving holiday peppered with family gatherings, feasting and a lot of car travel. It was also one tarnished by news of another assault on a sacred site in the nation’s capital.

I spent most of my vacation week traveling with family to visit others in the Greater Sudbury area. The long drive was accompanied and enhanced by the natural fall colours. We enjoyed a couple of days of conversation, feasting, playing cards and going on an outing to a natural attraction. We drove farther north to Onaping Falls to visit the AY Jackson lookout.

AY Jackson lookout at Onaping Falls

A walking stick rests after a tour of the natural beauty of Onaping Falls

The lookout was named after a famous painting of the falls by Group of Seven member, AY Jackson.

I enjoyed the fresh, cool air and exercise plus another chance to catch up with older and wiser relatives.

Blonde woman at the bridge over Onaping River and Falls

Blonde woman at the bridge over Onaping River and Falls

When I returned home stiff yet elated, I was relieved that one of the offspring heeded my request to visit le petit apartment and check on the cats.

Tabby cat resting in front of house plants

A peaceful Sunday setting in the Tabby cat’s habitat

While I was savoring the memories of visiting Onaping Falls and viewing photographs of its natural settings, my activist friends in the Ottawa area were having to educate the public, the politicians, anyone who would listen about the shameful activities happening again at a sacred site in the Ottawa River.

You too can be informed. Read this interview of Algonquin Elders.

On this Sunday morning, my pen name got involved with sharing her views on this glitzy invasion at Chaudière Falls and its islands.

Thanks for dropping by. Spread the word. Free the Falls!