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There is this bench in a downtown Ottawa park.

This spring someone painted it as well as its companions. This artistic act seemed to brighten up the park, making it more attractive. I think it was to encourage people to visit often, to absorb the urban nature and engage in conversation.

park bench painted spring

Dundonald Park bench Spring 2015

I enjoy visiting urban parks around Ottawa and learning about their history.  During vacation time in the Summer of 2013, I tried to visit as many as I could in one week:

It was an enjoyable, obsessive activity that got me out and about while exploring my city.

Wander back to Dundonald Park in the late summer of 2014.

I looked forward to sitting on this particular green bench during work day lunch breaks, during my attempts at exercise, fresh air and time for quiet reflection. It was also more pleasant since the Beer Store across Somerset Street was being demolished and there were less bottle and can collectors hanging about.

This bench was a familiar place to rest and observe my surroundings. It helped me review my life choices, smile at my accomplishments and ponder my future plans.

I would observe the passersby and occasionally watch the families with young children playing on the nearby swings and slides.

I would look down while deep in thought.

I would look up with gratitude for what relief and small fortunes came my way.

I admired the two tall trees that touched at their crowns and upper limbs.

Park trees September 2014

Park trees September 2014

In the late summer of 2014, I noticed the colours changing in the nearby trees. One lost its leaves quicker than the other did. I felt a connection with them and their transition through the seasons. Some whimsically obsessive part of me wanted to capture them each time I visited the park.

So, with my smart phone I would attempt to take photographs at least on a bi-weekly basis.

Autumn 2014 trees

Autumn 2014

Park trees Winter 2015

Park trees Winter 2015

park bench winter

Dundonald Park bench Winter 2015

I did not get any pictures during February. Fuck February. If I could, I would hibernate from January to the end of March. How about you? 

Park Trees Spring 2015

Park Trees Spring 2015

I missed one of my spring shots in early May because people were sitting on my favourite bench during one of my visits. I ran out of time waiting for them to move.

Would it have seemed strange for me to approach them and ask if they could move for one minute, so I could take a couple of pictures

Within two weeks, the trees were already bursting with bright green foliage. This was refreshing.

Park trees May 2015

Park Trees May 2015

During a rainy vacation day this week in late summer, I decided to create slideshows of different transitioning tree pictures while tinkering in iPhoto on my Mac. I created a very nice one of the two companion trees and exported to QuickTime Movie format.

Unfortunately, WordPress.com doesn’t allow .mov file uploads! That’s okay. I tinkered a bit longer with photographs I uploaded to a Media Gallery and created this slideshow instead.  I hope you enjoy it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for dropping by.  I hope you’re having an enjoyable summer.