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During another bookcase sorting, filter and purge this weekend, a few dozen items eluded the donations box.

I am not doing very well with this purging concept.

It’s a difficult process, almost like saying goodbye to old friends – or acquaintances with whom you have yet to sit down and get to know better. 

It has been almost three months since I started on this endeavour. The objective was to tidy up the bookcases, to take a break from writing attempts and all the sitting at the computer it involves.

books on bookcase and in boxes

One section of the personal library, sorted, categorized and tagged for potential purging.

In-between five sweaty laundry room trips on a Saturday night, I tackled the non-fiction bookcase again, rearranging sections according to quantity of remaining books.  It became a curious exercise in space and logic.

During a bout of romantic whimsy, I was kinda hoping that Matthew McConaughey would show up.

Okay… Back to earth.  

Some of the remaining books “fit” into more than one category.  One seemed to fit into Art & hobbies, Philosophy and perhaps self help.

Book cover Wisdom through the lens - A practical guide for photography as a means for self transformation

Wisdom through the lens – A practical guide for photography as a means for self transformation by Pierre Poulain

I obtained this autographed copy after attending a Cultural Diversity event in Ottawa a couple of years ago. I think it deserves another look after my recent dabbling into smart phone photography and deep, urban reflections.

tree branches in january

Winter 2015 – Two trees with naked branches outstretched into fractals of themselves as they greet and mesh into each other.

I think I should get into photography more since it would get me outside often for fresh air and moderate exercise. I’d like to capture sharper images with devices other than my Windows Phone and the Canon Powershot.

What would you recommend as a simple camera?


  • Must be digital
  • Affordable
  • Idiot-proof (simple to use)
  • Display screen for previews
  • Good for outdoors

Thanks for dropping by, for your comments or recommendations.