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This time of year you can’t skim through blog post titles without encountering many about giving thanks.

I think that’s great. I think we should do this at least four times a year if we’re not able to perform the ritual every week at some place of community worship. We can each express gratitude, repeat “thank you” when we wake up to start our day, and when we lay our heads on our pillows, reviewing our experiences and serendipitous encounters throughout the day.

These are just a few of the things for which I am thankful:

  1. Family and friends;
  2. Food and wine;
  3. Books!
  4. Freedom, the right to vote. Opportunity to vote in advanced polls during this longest election campaign in Canadian history; WTF?! #ABC!
  5. Freedom of not having to openly declare myself associated with one particular belief system or political party;
  6. Opportunities to learn about different belief systems, political parties, platforms, candidates and guides. Sometimes, you may not be thrilled with the leader or the bombardment of negatively comparative messages but can identify with some of the teachings, platform promises and really admire the work of some of the representatives; (apologies for that clever analogy!)
  7. Full time employment;
  8. Vacation time away from the daily grind, time for reflection on my experiences, accomplishments and plans for the future;
  9. Opportunity to push myself with my flying anxieties again, this time in a larger aircraft and for a bittersweet journey down memory lane;
  10. My nerve-damaged yet persistently expressive hands on any QWERTY keyboard;
  11. The Internet, virtual and real communities, and blogs;
  12. Opportunities for narrative in rewriting my own stories, taming that inner-critic to bring about major changes in my life.



How about you?

Thanks for dropping by.