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I recently travelled alone yet had many people in my thoughts.

It was one of those journeys that you need to take solo, comforted in knowing that someone who loves you will be waiting at the other side. 

The geographical distance wasn’t far, yet the detours down memory lane were deep and murky.

Air Canada flight above the clouds

Above the clouds

I intentionally left my travel companion and anxiety relief at home. It was my turn to fly again and embrace small bits of adventure.

Before take off and at times during the flight, I kept my mind and hands busy by reading snippets from the Mindfulness on the Go book. I tried to ignore that apparent crack in the engine casing below me…

Mindfulness on the Go book and tabby cat

Mindfulness on the Go meets Tabby approval

The visit with family was relaxing and a welcomed change. Although it rained most of the time that week, I enjoyed the company and reacquainting with the lovely city I knew a lifetime ago.

Church of our Lady Guelp

Church of Our Lady, Guelph, Ontario

My relatives and I wined, dined, toured the city and got in some meaningful conversations.

I met up with an old flame from a lifetime ago. We lunched, walked, talked and drove around the city in the rain. He only ran one red light. The fact that it was next to a cemetery only affected me a bit. Just a bit. We survived.

Church of Our Lady at sunrise

Church of Our Lady at sunrise

Before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye. I was whisked away to a bus to Toronto so I could catch a train back home in time for dinner with friends.

CN Tower Toronto ON

CN Tower Toronto ON

While trotting through downtown Toronto with my suitcase, I made sure to get a picture of the CN Tower.

There just aren’t enough pictures of the CN Tower  ;-^ 

Timing was perfect for purchasing a Business Class ticket home. The price for waiting too long was high! 

VIA Rail Business Class

VIA Rail Business Class

I don’t travel often or far but when I do, I like to travel in comfort.


Lake Ontario from the VIA Rail train


Train tracks and parallel journeys

I love trains. They are featured frequently in my novel “The Year of the Rabbit“.  Read it sometime, won’t you?

Lessons learned on this journey:

  • Book your train ticket home earlier to save money. Damn!
  • Don’t distract an old flame with memories and hurts while driving through a rainy city;
  • Enjoy the journey down memory lane, as foggy and slippery the road may be;
  • Let some memories fade into the distance as you move forward in your newly created life. Anticipate some forks in the road.

Thanks for dropping by and joining me on this journey.