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It seems like a long lonely time since my last post.

I miss writing, sharing insights and cat pictures. I have been so busy with school work, the day job and life distractions. I am almost finished that online course on Environmental Citizenship. It’s interesting. It’s emotionally, mentally and physically draining!

I am also finding it a challenge with self-discipline and time management to get at weekly assignments before the deadline.

Now at the tail end of a cold and final week of the course, I appreciate when my homework coach offers motivational visits.

black cat checking in on homeworkI find comic relief watching YouTube videos with Stephen Colbert, or short clips on psychology and philosophy with Jordan B Peterson. I read his latest book “12 Rules for Life – An Antidote to Chaos” and even pushed my hard cover copy on my youngest son.

As a Mother and Grandmother, I agree that we need to address the issue of identity politics, divisiveness and tactics used by social justice warriors. We need to educate, to guide our girls and boys so they will grow into healthy, well-balanced members of society.


If I neglect the final assignment for this course, I think I can maintain an 80% average and earn my credit. I need to rest, recover and get ready for the holidays with my loved ones.

Small Christmas Tree w chocolates and stockings

Our wee tree is waiting for one adult child to visit and help add the decorations. It’s a tradition.

I have been digging into those chocolates though – you know, to help me with schoolwork stress.

What are your plans for the Holidays? Will you adjust your travel mode, gifting options and meal plans to lessen your Ecological Footprint? Sorry not sorry. 

Thanks for dropping by.