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I watched this documentary on CBC TV the other night. It scared the sh*t out of me.

I’m not a extensive cosmetics user so I allow myself some relief that I may not be exposed to a lot of the harmful substances.

The cosmetics industry is the new tobacco, the new sugar – filled with lies and dark advertising to tell us how to look beautiful, how they sell things using made-up and air-brushed models.

I’ll have none of it and I struggle in resisting judgement of friends and colleagues who are obviously slaves to this deception.

Being a natural blonde with a peaches and cream complexion, I feel smug that I don’t have to submit myself to all those toxins just to look “beautiful”. I’m also older now, becoming more comfortable in my skin and frankly, don’t give a rat’s ass.

What is beauty anyway?

Surviving the last three months of this pandemic in isolation, I have less need for mascara, lipstick and deodorant (it’s just me and the cat in the home office these days).

I HAVE taken to other harmful habits like drinking homemade rum punches on the weekends and sitting in the sun for longer than recommended now that the weather is nice – on my balcony. I also don’t wear sunscreen. I’m a rebel.

Thanks for dropping by. What are you doing to lessen your exposure to harmful toxins these days?

Stay well. Stay safe.


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