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It’s the weekend. At least I think it is.

It’s a good thing I write these things down, making short lists of tasks for each day on scraps of paper.

I was moving slowly this morning, emerging from the fog and deep in thought. Like many of you, I was wondering when this pandemic would pass and we could spend time closer with family and friends again, when we could do a stress-free trip to the grocery store, and when we could go back to the workplace.

I was feeling thankful for the opportunity to work from the home office these past ten weeks and not have to wait for – nor venture onto – crowded buses in to the city.

What could describe this feeling about something that will not last long? Itching to express, I sought out my Buddha Board

Buddha Board Impermanence


It demanded patience to stand in the same spot and take a picture every few minutes as the water evaporated off the drawing surface.

I present to you a time-lapsed photo project called “Impermanence”.

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Thanks for dropping by. Stay well. Stay safe. This too shall pass.