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It’s not like I was planning on traveling far during this long-anticipated vacation.

I wasn’t planning on flying anywhere, not even taking a train. I am usually satisfied with doing things around town like lunching with friends, visiting art galleries, museums and local parks.

Oh… shit.

We can’t do any of that anymore except through video conferencing platforms, virtual gallery tours and… walking through parks without stopping to smell the flowers or sit on a bench. Geesh!

I am disappointed that the COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled a visit from one of my sisters. Mellowing out on Friday, I made my list of vacation week activities, many  which can be accomplished while isolated at home. I even separated activities into “Fun and Creative” and “Responsible and Healthy”.

written list of thing to do during pandemic vacation

Spring vacation 2020 list of planned activities

I make efforts to write in my wellness journal and my diary, recording how I am feeling, what I have been doing to cope, who I have been communicating with, and any deeper thoughts. Apparently, this activity is encouraged by historians and psychologists.

I already got in a bit of writing on the blog where the Tabby Cat rules, encouraging others with poetic tendencies to contribute too.

So…What are you doing for your spring vacation?

Thanks for stopping by. Stay home. Stay safe. Get outdoors while doing that physical distancing thing. Take care of yourself and each other.