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First, I hope followers and readers are safe and healthy.

I am thinking of folks adapting to pandemic protocols, political uncertainty in the south, forest fires in the west, tornadoes in the middle and hurricanes in the east.

Then there’s the rest of the world where I feel I have little control of events except through donations to humanitarian causes.

Doodle – I accept that I don’t have control of everything

When you’re surrounded by chaos and uncertainty, it helps to take a few minutes a day to sit in quiet, to meditate and if anything, just count the breaths.

I am still grateful to have a job and flexibility to work from home. I am still hopeful for a future career by starting school last week, now as an online course in the part-time program. It’s nice to hear familiar voices, to see familiar faces although pixelated, and to discipline myself into focused learning again.

I am grateful to see one of my offspring in person every few weeks. I feel satisfied to hear and see other loved ones over the phone, video chats and during physically distanced picnics in the park. It has been over a year since I have travelled to visit my grandchildren. Heartbroken, I still compensate by sending them birthday cards and small gifts through the mail. My heart skips a happy beat when their parents send me an email or text message. It seems like so long since I have received a barely legible letter from my oldest granddaughter.

The used bookshop where I would volunteer on weekends has been closed since March. I miss it. I think about the library staff, the regular patrons, the Seniors, the socially and economically challenged who rely on these services.

I spend my lonely nights watching TV, movies and doodling. I seek out comedies to help with the release of belly laughs.

COVIDdoodle One Day at a Time

Hop on over to the Tabby Cat’s blog to see some doodles I did to get me through the blur of days and weeks in the past six months.

Pushing for Friday

I invite you to read this quickly sketched comic, a humorous depiction of a typical day working from home.

Humour: Going through the motions of remote work during isolation

Thanks for dropping by. What are you doing to cope during these trying times?

COVIDdoodle – This too shall pass

Otherwise, stay safe. Take care of yourself and each other.