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It’s the last weekend of July. Not being a summer person, I am not sad to see us enter into August then the cool, crisp days of the Canadian autumn.

New discoveries

This is the type of weather perfect for hiking or just taking long walks. Who knows what you will find if you explore a little farther in your community. Last Friday night I discovered an Indian Supermarket in one of the plazas. I entered, mask-on with intentions to satisfy a craving, to purchase prepared Butter Chicken and Korma sauces, but came out with a few extras including cookies and snacks.

Indian cooking sauces and snacks

In the moment

On my way home, I felt joy when I stopped to witness the evening sun’s rays bursting through trees in a nearby park. It was magical. It was bliss.

I was in the moment, stopping to appreciate the evening sun bursting through the green foliage.

Seconds later I encountered a neighbour from the old apartment building who was approaching along the sidewalk. We stood at a distance to chat, share news of our respective families. I had to cut the conversation short to scoot home in time to watch one of my favourite TV shows.

If you are venturing out by foot around your communities this long weekend, here are some projects you can participate in:

Protocols and Gratitude

I continue to work from home. I have almost everything I need within walking distance. That suits me just fine as we are still navigating through this COVID-19 pandemic. My household is taking no chances; we are content with staying close to home, away from crowded places and careless individuals. There is no wanderlust or protests about freedom here.

This pandemic and government restrictions have provided us with the opportunity to evaluate our needs, our values and appreciate the time for reflection.

Now if we could remind people who also are walking on streets with no sidewalks, that you are supposed to walk facing traffic! As my dear old Dad used to say, “Walk facing traffic so you can see what’s going to hit you!”

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay safe. Be kind.