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What is there to be thankful for eighteen months into the COVID-19 pandemic?

You have your health.

You are double vaccinated.

You have the privilege to visit restaurants, theatres and gyms – if you actually wanted to.

You have a place to call home.

You have family and close friends, still reachable on various platforms.

None of your family or friends have succumbed to the virus.

You still have a job.

You still are able to work from home.

You are less stressed because you aren’t forced to use unreliable public transportation two hours a day.

You are more productive, creative and relaxed when you aren’t forced to conform to the visual expectations of some corporate culture.

You have the freedom to get outside for walks around your neighbourhood for fresh air, to pick up provisions, and engage with community acquaintances.

You found a new network of like-minded folks, opportunities to rekindle that sense of purpose, of contributing your time, energy and skills.

You have remembered that you have the right to set boundaries with family, friends and others.

You have had plenty of time for quiet reflection on life, your values and priorities.

You have let your inner child emerge during bouts of creativity.

Basket of kittens for the Grand kids

You continue to review your list of accomplishments, and many things to look forward to.

You finally have opportunities to warm the home by using the oven and stove top to cook delicious meals.

You can still afford to buy groceries and necessities.

You can share your thoughts with others through a talk radio show this evening, using various platforms.


Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for dropping by.