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I am sad and angry about the Russian invasion of Ukraine that started in February 2022. Who with any conscience and hint of humanity isn’t?


History is repeating itself and it seems that Poland is the only European country that is helping the throngs of refugees lately. What the hell, United Nations, European Union and NATO? Your economic sanctions aren’t stopping this bullshit.

US satellite images showed proof of troops and artillery amassing on the Eastern borders many weeks prior. Russia denied any plans of an invasion. They lied. It seems that some European countries hesitate to get involved because they rely on Russian oil and gas, plus don’t want to be the next target.

Feeling sadness and guilt, we watch helplessly from a distance, from the comforts of our relatively stable democratic regions. After crying and shouting into the void, the best that some of us can do is to donate money to the international relief organizations so that they can help the refugees – all this during a fucking pandemic. Those people, especially their children are going to live with trauma for many years after this is resolved. We cannot forget the refugees from Syria and Afghanistan either.

Some of my anger and PTSD symptoms still linger from effects of the so-called anti vaccine mandate trucker convoy that occupied streets and terrorized residents of Ottawa weeks prior. Many of them were clueless puppets of dirty money and foreign political interference. Remember that the western Canada convoy founders encouraging these “demonstrations” had plans to overthrow our government. Let that sink in, Conservative sympathizers.

Other countries are feeling the ripple effect of this latest invasion and destabilization of supply chains. Countries in Africa depend on Ukrainian wheat to feed their people. Do we want to prevent yet another famine of epic proportions?

Africa could be hit hard by loss of Ukrainian grain exports, institute says


You can count your blessings of family, shelter and food. You can reduce fuel use and emissions by limiting air travel for pleasure, and limiting your daily commutes by working from home. You can feel some relief that corporate cultures are finally realizing that hybrid and remote work options are the new normal, acknowledging that people are leaving organizations in droves for jobs that offer more flexibility.

You still feel some helpless guilt for Ukraine. Sometimes the best you can do is pray and meditate for a peaceful solution while turning to art therapy for your soul’s relief. You pray that Russian soldiers and commanders will see the light and follow a different path.

Sunflower Sunburst Meditation #1 for Ukraine – Pencil crayon and yellow marker on repurposed charity plea snail mail envelope
Sunflower Sunburst Meditation #2 for Ukraine – Pencil crayon and marker on repurposed charity plea snail mail envelope
Sunflower Sunburst Meditation #3 for Ukraine – Pencil crayon and blue marker on repurposed charity plea snail mail envelope

You can feel some consolation knowing that Canada sent armed forces troops to Poland, to help with the refugee assistance efforts.

Canada to deploy military personnel to Poland to support Ukrainian refugees


If ever we needed to see the Second Coming of Christ, this would be the time. Evildoers are still profiting on the suffering of others while damaging our environment, our Mother Earth. We need the courage to step up and stop the abuse. God has abandoned us.

You can clutch that package of Sunflower seeds you purchased at the local grocery store in anticipation to plant them in your small garden and watch them grow tall this summer, praying this latest humanitarian horror is over by then.

Thank you for dropping by. Take care and be kind.