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It could be seen as a tedious task but the repetition of colourful dots eventually provides the visual reward.

Unfinished work in Pointillism; Leaves, Ladybugs and Refuge from the torrents, Magic Marker, May 2022

The method recently reminded me of the Dot Matrix printer days in my long IT career.

Inspired by last month’s visit to the National Gallery of Canada with a friend, I have been using Pointillism as one of my art therapy activities for the past couple of weeks. You can follow the creative process here.

Pointillism : Refuge; magic marker, May 2022
Pointillism : Flowers, magic markers May 2022

That pack of gift boutique magic markers and the pile of repurposed charity donation plea snail mail paper have provided me with a creative distraction from the news, all while we are still navigating through a pandemic. Some of us are still practicing safe distance and protection measures.

While watching the Juno Awards on TV Sunday evening, I spent time and energy reflecting on the weekend news out of Buffalo, New York and feeling sickened by yet another crime of hate. I said a prayer for those affected directly and indirectly by the actions of one angry white man. In addition to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the plight of refugees everywhere, world events are weighing on me.

Fear breeds hate. With every little dot I pray for kindness and understanding, starting with myself. I hope it can spread onto the canvas of humanity.

Appreciating and creating art provides me with comfort and relief, especially while listening to music from my pile of favourite CDs.

This will be another summer of staying close to home, avoiding the stifling heat and only exploring sights within reach by foot, public transit or a friend’s car.

If you too are feeling overwhelmed, what methods are you using to cope?

Thank you for stopping by.