Just a reminder that June 5th is World Environment Day.
It makes one think of how they fit into the puzzle pieces of the big picture, and can make an impact for positive change.

Service in Action

By Keith Madden, Area of Focus Manager for the Environment

On 5 June, join us in celebrating World Environment Day. With the environment as one of our area of focus, Rotary is committed to facing some of our greatest planetary challenges: the quickening pace of biodiversity loss and climate change, and the need for sustainable, equitable environmental solutions.

This year’s World Environment Day is a noteworthy milestone as it marks 50 years since the United Nations Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment opened, the first global environmental summit of its scale. This conference created the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and led to a new era of global cooperation on the issues that all nations share.

This year’s World Environment Day will pay homage to that cooperation with the theme #OnlyOneEarth and a call for transformative collective actions to help humans live sustainably in harmony with nature—in other words…

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