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It’s one thing to forgive another’s transgressions – 

It’s another to FORGiVE oneself

for bad life choices,

preoccupation with past mistakes, 

those self doubts,

or regrets.

definition forgive

It has taken me years to forgive myself for not acting soon enough,

to lead the exodus of the innocents,

to expose a dark burden,

to shed an uncomfortable skin.  

When we travel the rough roads of this earthly existence, I think we experience and appreciate more moments of being alive.  I believe that it’s during the financial and emotional hardships that a spark of creativity ignites to nurture hope and an innate desire to connect with other souls.   

I am in the middle of being alive


In The Year of the Rabbit, a novel about Fate, Family and Forgiveness, the readers share the joy, sadness and other emotions experienced by Father Gio and Sera Fletcher.  

I am Gio.  I am Sera.  Perhaps you are too. 

reader comment about sera in yotr novel

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