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October 10 is World Egg Day 2014.

One may think that the egg is such a small and insignificant object to have its own day.  If you step back (and search the web) you will discover the egg’s significance to many cultures as the World Egg and the Cosmic Egg (not the band) – or Orphic egg.  Then there’s the significance during Easter celebrations in the Spring.

To me, an egg represents:

  • Creation
  • Sustenance
  • Balance

YinYegg 1998 TAJ

It is quite impressive that something so small can have such enduring meaning and a positive impact on human wellness. Even with our wonderful advances in science, there is a part of me that respects the primitive explanations for creation, the stars and the cosmos.  Way back then, we had no microscopes nor telescopes; we just needed to soothe our children, our communities with some explanation for things and celestial events.

Here are more photographs of a Yin Yang egg “YinYegg” that I created in/around 1998.  It was quite a feat to create a 3D model while suffering from a snotter of a cold shortly after reading about Feng Shui and its philosophies.

YinYanEgg1998-2 YinYanEgg1998-3

You may be intrigued to know that eggs make an appearance during a tearful celebration in The Year of the Rabbit – a Novel about Fate, Family and Forgiveness.  So does a respectful exploration of different belief systems.

I like to learn about different traditions, mythologies and belief systems.  I do not subscribe to any although I was born and strictly raised in one.  In a nostalgic vein, I am hopeful for the Catholic Church to evolve with the times on some of its doctrines. With the new guy at the helm, walking the talk, setting a course, I think they just may do it.

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