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We recently breezed through a Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

We didn’t venture far except a few of us who took a walk around the neighbourhood for fresh air, sunshine, to shake down our pancake brunch and work up an appetite for the evening’s feast.

We each took turns saying our personal pre-dinner grace and expressing our thanks.

Golden tree top autumn 2014

A golden tree top tickling the clear blue October sky

I am thankful for many things lately: 

  • One of the young folk made it home for the long weekend;
  • Our crowded yet cozy home;
  • Other people who prepare the big dinners;
  • Relatively good health;
  • Pets who unwittingly provide examples of how to relax, help us project our humour, attitudes and neurosis.
  • One of the fledglings hooked up the Xbox to the TV so’s Ma could watch her Netflix shows;
  • Vacation;
  • Leftovers;
  • Free time to write lists of things.
cats on the balcony

Miss Geneva Tabby and Mr. Snuggles on the balcony

Wishing you a week of relaxation, learning and gratitude – if you can get it!

Thanks for dropping by.