Despite Geneva’s attempts to distract me again, I was able to complete my data entry commitment yesterday.
What else would one be doing on Boxing Day? Visit a factory warehouse outlet along with hundreds of other casual consumers? .

Um, no thanks!


Miss Geneva thought I deserved a break this weekend.

Tabby cat seeking attention Miss Geneva says “Rub my belly, human”

In-between catching up on addressing Christmas card envelopes and writing short, meaningful messages, I turned my attention to a different task.

I have been a volunteer with a professional conference the past two years. Due to my introverted tendencies, I prefer to use my talents in organizing things and making sense out of jumbled numbers.  I don’t like being in the middle of all the action, especially if it’s loud and chaotic.

Ironically, I volunteered to organize the post-conference social event – for the second year in a row.  That went very well with plenty of finger food, liquid refreshments and conversation opportunities.

Over the next few weeks, in-between demands from festivities and social events,  I will be in a happy place of working with Excel, transposing ranking numbers and nearly illegible handwriting from dozens more evaluation forms.

My cats provide me…

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