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In-between Saturday buses, a stranger complimented me on my smile.

Two of my twenty-something year-old children and I were on our way to the movie theatre, to see Big Hero 6.  This woman got off the bus too and approached me as we waited to cross the street for our transfer.

“It’s nice to see someone smiling on the bus,” she started, “..rather than people with those contrary-looking expressions.”

“Oh.. thank you.”

“I just wanted to tell you that.”

“Um… thanks.”

The exact wording of our full conversation escapes me.  I do recall commenting on something I once learned that if you force, encourage yourself to smile more often, you are less likely to be feeling down.  One likely appears more attractive too :o) 

As an afterthought, I am not concerned about being engaged in conversation by a stranger in transit. I am struggling to recall what exactly I may have been smiling about!

Was it due to being out with a couple of my favourite people?

Was it due to joyful anticipation of a birthday girl’s wish to see an animated movie?

Was I just happy to get out for fresh air and socializing after two days of quiet, relaxing family festivities?

It’s funny but a phrase from a certain pop song keeps bopping around in the eclectic space between my ears.

As I explore deep subjects and expel bad memories, I look forward to the moments when I can balance things out with the occasional involuntary smile.

How about you?