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As I sort through the books in the library of le petit apartment, I feel emotionally drained. 

books on bookcase and in boxes

One section of the personal library, sorted, categorized and tagged for potential purging.

In addition to supporting a family, performing full time work and nestling into a new volunteer role, I have let this project take over a month and will likely let it drag on through the summer. I am letting it prepare me for a quest that is doubly draining and has suffered from my procrastination.

It’s a daunting task to sort and justify keeping or discarding books. Some brought joy, inspiration and comfort. They are like old friends.

Some brought knowledge and helped build skills. Some skills are transferable; some are no longer applicable in today’s job markets.

I think back to 20 years ago, to my foray into dialup connectivity, HTML web design and website usability. While I balanced family, work and survival, these books challenged my creativity, nurtured my fascination with hyperlinks and supported my appreciation of online communities.

Books about web design misc.

Favourite oldies, books about web design, usability and succinctness of Twitter

The concepts in some of these books could still apply while some have been left in the dust due to fast-paced development and evolution of technology. Do I keep them out of nostalgia or donate to the community? Will they even be of value to somebody else?

Then there are the books that reinforced my love of nature, justified a moderately paced life style, and encouraged one to take action in preserving this earth for future generations. We can’t give up.

Next time:
 We look at Biographies and Poetry.

Thanks for dropping by.  What are you struggling with in your personal library or de-cluttering projects these days?

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Although it is not quite the same, may you be spared the emotions of sorting through your e-book libraries one day.