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It has been four months since my previous post. Life has been busy but not eventful enough to warrant the pixels and time.

Recent world news and national events could encourage one to curl up and hide in a hole until spring.

  • COVID-19
  • Forest fires, floods, droughts, earthquakes
  • Railway blockades, fossil fuel pipeline disputes, indigenous rights
  • Political circus and acquitted clown in the USA
  • Shitty public transit service in our nation’s capital

My Saturday routines include picking up a couple of newspapers so I can disconnect from social media for a few hours over the weekend and read content that I trust has gone through the process of professional journalistic editing and publishing.

I still practice gratitude as I go about the daily mundaneness, working for a living, surviving the winter, and being strategic with workday bus commutes.

This cute little book brought me comfort and advice to get through winter in the northern hemisphere. It’s the perfect size for bus reading. You might like it too.

The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well


book page pronounce hygge as hooGa

Hygge – pronounced Hoo Ga

I find comfort and pleasure in sharing meals and conversation with family and friends. I find purpose in volunteering, caring for the elderly diabetic cat and recently, one injured offspring who came home for a few days of nursing and Motherly love.

I find joy as I correspond with my offspring and offshoots. I find hope as I continue my part-time college education where I learn new things, make new friends and prepare for Career 2.0.

Although I haven’t written much of substance lately, I still engage with friends and followers through social media posts, comments and shares. You can follow some of my creative writing and doodling posts over at the blog where the Tabby Cat rules.

In the meantime, you might enjoy some Little Blonde Jots. I bought these cute little key ring tabs (plus a few other items) from a friend to support his downsizing efforts a few years ago. They prove handy to carry around, where I can jot down thoughts while waiting for buses, people watching or contemplating life.

Little Blonde Jots

Little Blonde Jots, words of wisdom and observations

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you are enjoying and appreciating what rays of sunshine and hope you encounter in your corner of the world.

See you in the spring.