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We just passed through Canadian Thanksgiving.

I took my usual vacation so I could extend the gratitude, times for reflection and enjoy me some cool autumn temperatures.

We had a mixed bag of weather but that didn’t affect the memorable moments during various family gatherings.

autumn colours Gatineau Hills

Camp Fortune ski hill and fall colours


  • Succeeded with an argument-free, three-night, four-day visit from a sibling;
  • Tasted several new, healthy dishes – even helped make a batch of Keto freezer cookies;
  • Learned an exciting new recipe;
  • Avoided tourist-y crowds in Gatineau so we could see the fall colours of the Gatineau Hills (been there, done that);
  • Attended a fund raiser event that supported medical research plus the love of reading. Came away with a warm, fuzzy feeling and a bag-o-books;
  • Went for morning walks when it wasn’t rainy and dark;
  • Only had to use the Ottawa public transit bus service twice;
  • Read, relaxed and got in lots of afternoon naps! They are SO underrated.
autumn path 2019

A lightly carpeted path in the park

autumn trees and waning moon

The waning moon accompanied me on my morning walk

autumn moon tree

Tickle, tickle moon!

I spent no personal time on a Windows computer. Yay! 

windows 10 feature update blue screen

Your PC will restart several times – and make you guess if it does!

I got to spend more time with the Tabby Cat.

tabby cat being cute

Now it’s reality time on a Sunday evening. I feel like a kid on a school night, having not finished my homework and dreading the next day. I have a job. I have a job. I want a job closer to home! 

What are you thankful for?