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A friend and I attended the Imagine Monet immersive art exhibit in Ottawa this week.

You can too, in a city near you.

We figured the $46 ticket price and “exit through the gift shop” expenses were well worth the 40 minutes we spent wandering around slowly or sitting on ornate benches while absorbing the colourful images that morphed to the accompanying soundtrack.

One of the ornate benches welcomes art lovers to sit a while
A colourful display of an old favourite painting

The late morning crowd was small, focused and polite. People respected distancing protocols. Some even kept their face masks on. There were no small children racing about or sprawled on the floor due to boredom. I would say it was more enjoyable than last year’s Van Gogh exhibit.

The Immersive Van Gogh art experience of August 2021

I love the impressionist art style, appreciating the beautiful works created during “en plein air” outings. I had to put aside my opinions of Claude Monet after reading reports that he was an abusive husband and father. I still enjoy his work so much that I chose not to “cancel” the show.

You would have to work hard to convince me to visit an immersive exhibit for Pablo Picasso or Jackson Pollack. Forget Salvador Dali!

I leave you with a water colour rendition of the Water Lilies and Japanese bridge, something I did in late 2020 while on staycation during the first year of COVID-19. It looks okay from a distance 😀

My crude watercolour rendition of Water Lilies and Japanese bridge, December 2020 TJ

Thank you for dropping by. I hope you will find some beauty in your day.